• Individuals who are 20 years of age or older with a proven income and approved by the Woori Bank CSS (Credit Scoring System) and
    qualification review.
  • Visit your nearest Woori Bank branch to find out your eligibility immediately.
  • Minors under 20 years old (e.g., college students) will be issued with a check card. (No credit card will be issued to those minors.)
  • The credit card for the housewife will be issued according to the "Apartment house resident criteria" or the "Spouse criteria."
    (However, the credit card with a housewife qualification can be issued by visiting the branch only.)

Member qualifications

Member qualifications
Wage earners Workers with earned incomes
Professionals Working professionals with a specialized license (lawyer, patent agent, accountant, and qualified technician)
Self–employed Those who have a business registration and conducted business for 6 months or more
Commission–based workers One personal individual business (insurance sales man, loan sales man, lecturer of the private educational institute,
teacher of home-school materials, etc.) owner or income earner.
Real estate owner Person who owns properties
Apartment resident Owner of the apartment house worth of KRW 100 million as the market price (KRW 50 million in the area of Seoul,
Gyeonggi, Incheon, and other areas)
Woori Bank account holder Woori Bank users with more than a certain level of transaction history
Housewife If the spouse is qualified for a credit card.
Other income earners Person with other incomes, such as a pension fund, dividend, or rental income

Application documents

  • ID: Resident registration card, public worker’s ID card, driver’s license, passport, etc.
  • Documents for the proof of eligibility
Application documents
Wage earners One of the health insurance certificate, receipt for collection of withholding tax, proof of employment, or pay slip
Professionals One of the professional license, health insurance certificate, proof of employment, or pay slip
individual proprietor Document that can prove business operation more than 6 months, such as the business registration
Commission–based workers One of the document that can prove the subscription of four national insurances, or pay slip.
Real estate owner Certified copy of real estate register
Apartment resident Document that can prove the residential status (one of the ID, resident registration card, utility bill receipt)
Woori Bank account holder Documents may not be required.
Housewife Documents supporting spouse’s proof of eligibility or income.
Other income earners Evidential documents that can prove a pension fund, dividend, or rental income
  • If you provide the income statement, it will be reflected to your advantage when calculating a credit line.
  • When reviewing your eligibility for credit card issue, you can be required to submit more documents to prove eligibility.

Credit card application

  • Submit a credit card application form, and necessary documents to a branch
  • To prove your eligibility, you can be required to submit more documents.