Certificate Issuing Procedure

  1. STEP 01

    User Agreement and Identification
    • Confirm and agree to the certificate (Yessign) user agreement.
    • Enter the Internet banking user ID registered with a branch, and resident no.
  2. STEP 02

    Certificate Types
    • Select certificate types according to your purpose.
    • For individual universal type, you must select the certificate accreditation institution and agree to the user agreement.
    • Individual universal type (KRW 4,400⁄year) or certificate for bank/credit card/insurance (free)
  3. STEP 03

    Security Method
    • Enter the designated security card no. or OTP generator response no.
  4. STEP 04

    Account No. and Customer Information
    • Enter customer information such as withdrawal account no., password and address as registered with Internet Banking.
    • Customer information is used only for issuing a certificate.
  5. STEP 05

    Certificate Password and Storage Location
    • Designate the certificate storage location and provide minimum 8-character password.(alphabet+number).

Foreign Exchange Rate

2019/01/23 15:23:03
통화 환율 정보
Currency Buy Sell
USD 1,147.12 1,107.68
JPY 1,045.99 1,010.01
EUR 1,306.57 1,256.09

Woori Call Center

  • 1599-2288 (Dedicated Foreigner Call Center) -> 1(English), 2(Chinese), 3(Japanese), 4(Vietnamese), 5(Mongolian), 6(Tai), 7(Indonesian), 8(Cambodian), 9(Uzbek), 0(Tagalog)
  • 1588-5000, 1599-5000 (Domestic)
  • 82-2-2006-5000 (International)
  • Business hours : 09:00 ~ 18:00, Mon-Fri