IRS Form 8937

Effective November 1, 2014, Woori Finance Holdings Co., Ltd. completed its merger with and into Woori Bank, its wholly-owned subsidiary, as contemplated by the merger agreement dated July 28, 2014, by and between Woori Finance Holdings and Woori Bank.


IRS FORM 8937 “Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities” is being made available by Woori Finance Holdings Co., Ltd. pursuant to U.S. Internal Revenue Code Section 6045B, which requires issuers to report certain organizational actions that affect the U.S. tax basis of securities in the hands of shareholders and additional information about the organizational actions’ effect on basis.

The purpose of this disclosure is to assist holders of common stock and ADSs in determining the impact of the organizational actions discussed herein on the tax basis of their common stock and ADSs, as applicable, of Woori Finance Holdings Co., Ltd. However, the information contained in this tax disclosure does not constitute tax advice and does not take into account any shareholder’s specific circumstances. Shareholders are urged to consult with their own tax advisors concerning the U.S. tax consequences of such organizational actions.

This IRS Form 8937 and attachment, completed in 2014, are available for download on the Investor Relations section of Woori Bank’s website and will be available until 2024.

IRS Form 8937
Date Form 8937
05/01/2014 Spin-Off and Share Consolidation Form8937.pdf
11/01/2014 Merger Form8937.pdf

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