Code of Conduct for Ethics

  • We, executives and employees of Woori Bank representing and leading the Woori Financial Group, aim at sustainable advancement of the bank.
  • We aim to establish ourselves as a robust financial institution in order to bring a better tomorrow for customers, shareholders, executives and employees as well as our nation.
  • We commit ourselves to actively implementing the code of conduct which all executives and employees ought to abide by as we create a bank that Creates Tomorrow’s Value from Today’s Innovation.
Chapter 1 Customer-Oriented Business Process
  • 1. Focus on Customer

    We shall listen and embrace insights and suggestions from customers as well as perceive and behave from the customers’ perspectives. We shall endeavor to understand customers’ needs and provide the highest-quality products and services fulfilling such needs at all times.

  • 2. Protect Customers’ Interests

    We shall take customers’ rightful interests as the foremost behavioral standards of ours, and we always exercise the due care of a good manager in order to protect customers’ properties, including assets, intellectual property rights and trade secrets of customers.

  • 3. Protection and Confidentiality of Customers’ Information

    We shall not collect, inquire, use or provide personal information of customers, such as financial transaction and credit information, without consent from the customer him/herself, and shall not disclose or use such information for personal use unless consent is given or proper procedures are taken under applicable statutes.

Foreign Exchange Rate

2024/02/27 10:40:00
통화 환율 정보
Currency Buy Sell
USD 1,354.08 1,307.52
JPY 899.60 868.66
EUR 1,472.08 1,415.22

Woori Call Center

  • 1599-2288 (Dedicated Foreigner Call Center) -> 1(English), 2(Chinese), 3(Vietnamese), 4(Uzbek), 5(Russia), 6(Tai), 7(Mongolian), 8(Japanese), 9(Cambodian, Indonesian, Tagalog)
  • 1588-5000, 1599-5000 (Domestic)
  • 82-2-2006-5000 (International)
  • Business hours : 09:00 ~ 18:00, Mon-Fri