Code of Conduct for Ethics

  • We, executives and employees of Woori Bank representing and leading the Woori Financial Group, aim at sustainable advancement of the bank.
  • We aim to establish ourselves as a robust financial institution in order to bring a better tomorrow for customers, shareholders, executives and employees as well as our nation.
  • We commit ourselves to actively implementing the code of conduct which all executives and employees ought to abide by as we create a bank that Creates Tomorrow’s Value from Today’s Innovation.
Chapter 3 Respect for Executives and Employees
  • 1. Respect for Dignity of Executives and Employees

    • (1)

      We shall respect each and every one of executives and employees as a human being with dignity, establish systems for them to perform their duties in just manners, and make best efforts to ensure that they feel proud and appreciated.

    • (2)

      We shall pay respect to privacy of all executives and employees and accomplish mature organizational culture based on mutual trust and understanding.

  • 2. Fair Treatments for All Executives and Employees

    We shall not engage in any unfair discriminative acts against executives and employees during human resource management, such as employment and promotion, based on school ties, regionalism, age, gender, educational background, religion or physical disabilities, shall grant equal opportunities for self-development in order to help fully displaying personal competence according to individual capabilities and talents, and shall deliver reasonable compensation for performances.

  • 3. Improvement on Quality of Life for Executives and Employees

    • (1)

      We shall value our executives and employees as the most valuable assets, and shall vigorously develop and execute programs to improve quality of life, including health, education and welfare of executives, employees and their families.

    • (2)

      We shall provide environments where work and personal life of all executives and employees maintain balances, and shall secure pleasant and safe working environment for them.

  • 4. Mutual Respect between Affiliates under the Group

    We shall build partnerships between affiliates of the group through mutual trust and business cooperation, shall not slander or compete against each other by recognizing and respecting each others’ role and responsibility, shall share visions and core values presented by the Woori Financial Group, and shall maximize the value of the group through generation of synergy between affiliates and efficient use of business resources.

Foreign Exchange Rate

2024/06/24 20:58:50
통화 환율 정보
Currency Buy Sell
USD 1,413.30 1,364.70
JPY 886.47 855.99
EUR 1,520.04 1,461.32

Woori Call Center

  • 1599-2288 (Dedicated Foreigner Call Center) -> 1(English), 2(Chinese), 3(Vietnamese), 4(Uzbek), 5(Russia), 6(Tai), 7(Mongolian), 8(Japanese), 9(Cambodian, Indonesian, Tagalog)
  • 1588-5000, 1599-5000 (Domestic)
  • 82-2-2006-5000 (International)
  • Business hours : 09:00 ~ 18:00, Mon-Fri